A boycott, spring weather, and sex scenes with ex-presidents, oh my

The whole blogging exercise can be funny sometimes; for me it’s a series of up and downs. Some weeks, I can’t stop writing blog posts, both on my computer and in my head, there’s so much I’d like to say. And other weeks and other days, well, let’s just say I feel suddenly shy. I don’t want to share my writing thoughts, my daily thoughts, my thoughts, period.

I feel a bit like that now…maybe it’s the result of the brash saber-rattling of my last post. Maybe it’s the lovely weather (for those of you snow-bound and cold elsewhere, I am sorry to tell you that it has been sunny, clear and in the 60s – with flowers blooming everywhere – here in Northern California), which is always a good reminder that there are times when being in front of a computer is not nearly as nice as being in, well, real life.

And so today, I give you indoor Internet-trawlers these tidbits. I’m going outside.

• Bookfox is encouraging a boycott on submitting to the San Francisco lit magazine Zoetrope, due to its excessively long response times.

• Howard Junker, over at ZYZZYVA, suggests this list, which should provide any boycotters with a few alternatives. There’s always this one, too. And Duotrope’s Digest details “the good, the bad and the ugly”, if you want to know where a particular mag ranks in terms of speediness.

•Having trouble writing that sex scene involving a historical figure in your latest novel? Author Janis Cooke Newman gives some, um, pointers. Does anyone else find this essay a little disturbing?


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