Max, the bad talking parrot

It’s raining, I have a TON of work to do, and I am procrastinating. It’s surprisingly hard to stay focused when you work at home and there’s no one around to distract you.
Today’s distraction is a look at what people searched for on Google or whatever that landed them here. These are my favorites:

-max the bad talking parrot
-Halal food in Seoul, Korea
-famous hairstyles (numerous, numerous times people have searched for this and come to my blog. I think it’s the secret to boosting blog traffic…along with mentioning Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, of course.)
-Linda Ronstadt hairstyle (also a big winner.)
-Boston Globe airport metal stomach (this one baffles me.)
-animal shaped waffles (yay!)
-What is the Island Nantucket from Boston? (No, really, what is it?)
-tumbling machine, Thailand (only slightly less baffling than the metal stomach.)

And, my favorite:
students struggling with revising essays


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