Opposite day.

Yesterday sucked. It was one of those days:

1. I slept very little the night before (insomnia!) and woke up cranky.

2. It was pouring rain and hail. All. Day. Long.

3. No one called me back for the six stories I’m trying to write by the end of the week. In fact, one guy even emailed me to tell me that he would never call me back. (Um, gee, thanks for your cooperation.)

4. I decided, despite the hail and rain and plunging temperatures, to cheer myself up by going to this cool shoe store I really like and buying this pair of shoes I have wanted for a long time. Our car is in the shop (Thank you DHL truck and cab driver for side-swiping our parked car) and so I walked (in the pouring rain and hail and violently blowing winds) about a half a mile to get to said shoe store. When I got there, the one salesperson ignored me. Just flat out acted like I wasn’t there. So I finally left without said beloved shoes. By the time I got home, I was soaked, cold and maybe, just a little bitter.

4. Did I mention no one returned my calls?

5. Even Stalker Cat was in a bad mood, because he was stuck outside in the pouring rain and hail and he kept coming to my window (his fur slicked and wet) and yowling incessantly. I’m a sucker and let him in, which was fine until later in the afternoon when he hopped up on my kitchen counter and proceeded to carry off a bag of bagels. A small cat! A bag of bagels in his mouth! He carried them up the stairs, where when I reached him, laughing, he was trying to gnaw through the plastic bag. There were teeth marks in the bagels. I wish I had a picture, because watching a cat lug a bunch of bagels up the stairs was pretty funny.

The one bright spot in the day was getting emails from a couple of people I generally find to be awesome.

The point of this post is not, actually, to rant about my bad day. The point is this: Sometime in the hopefully not-too-distant future, I’m going to avoid tumbling headfirst into the seemingly bottomless pit of despair that accompanies a Bad Day. I always forget that there’s a Next Day, which is usually — not to get all empowerment and positive thinking-y on you — a better one.

For example: Today is the exact opposite of yesterday.

1. It’s sunny and beautiful outside. Blue sky, puffy white clouds.

2. I’ve actually left the house and gone to the gym. On the way home, I stopped in the bookstore and bought two books. Even if nothing else had gone my way today, that would have been enough to make things better. I don’t know why I didnt’ do it yesterday.

3. Everyone called me back! Even the place where I’ve left six messages in the past 5 days and which seems to be more of a fortress than an office.

4. More emails from people I generally find to be awesome.

5. I ordered the aforementioned cool shoes online. Ha! Take that shoe salesperson! I hope you work on commission.


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