Weekends are (not) for writing

Nova over at Distraction No. 99 is distraught over missing day of writing… which I am just so impressed by. If I could aspire to missing just one day, I would be feeling pretty good. Alas, I have missed many in 2007 … too many to count. The new dog is just one reason excuse as are the freelance writing projects and the interminable office painting project….and ….

I have of late tried to keep writing out of my weekends, which is odd, since that’s when most people try to squeeze it in. When I was working on my thesis I sometimes put in a couple of hours on a Saturday, but in general, Billy and I think of weekends as time we spend together, doing things for the house — and now the dog…

Writing is all about alone time, which can be a hard thing to balance with, say, being in a relationship, particularly if your significant other isn’t a writer/artist/creative type or need of similar alone time. I am lucky that Billy gets it; he’s not an artist or a writer, but if I want to head to a coffee shop and write on a Saturday, he won’t mind being left to his own devices. I find though, that after working alone all week I welcome the interaction that comes with the weekend. So for now, my writing days are business days.

In any case this weekend was too full to contemplate creative activities:

•The painting of the office…is finished! For the first time in nearly two months I can work without being surrounded by painting dropcloths/plastic, sandpaper, paintbrushes and in general, a huge mess. I am still moving all of my junk back into the room and we have plans to put in a new light, rug, and cabinet…but overall, the room looks bright and fresh and perhaps will even be inspiring. I will post before and after photos soon.

• Our poor dog made his second trip to the vet in a week…He’s got bad skin issues and is itching so much that his hair is falling out in clumps. After a long visit to our nice vet, he’s got all kinds of drugs — hopefully to cure his problem and to give him some relief — and to his great chagrin (and ours) one of those awful plastic cones on his head. He’s been itching and chewing himself raw…so the cone is necessary. The poor guy. He’s dejected about it, but he’s handling it quite well despite bumping into things and having trouble getting up the stairs. Yesterday he ran up to a couple of dogs at the park and completely scared them with his plastic cone head. We decided to take it off when he goes for walks so at least he has the freedom to run around and play for a while every day, which is something everyone needs.

For him it’s running, sniffing and frolicking in the park. For me, it’s something creative, like writing. On the weekends, it’s hanging out with Billy and the house and the dog. Sometimes you have to sacrifice one thing for another, but then you realize it’s not a sacrafice after all.


3 thoughts on “Weekends are (not) for writing

  1. Elizabeth you are not alone–I too, “take the weekends off” from writing, unless I feel compelled to write and/or have a deadline. My hubby too, is extremely understanding and flexible but he isn’t a writer and I miss him during the workweek and value my weekend time with him! And yes, the doggie! :)

  2. Poor Howie! Our pup was in a similar situation–itching, licking, losing fur, sores, etc–and we tried rounds of antibiotics and steroids and whatnot and nothing got rid of it altogether. Turns out she is allergic to protein (well, specifically chicken and beef protein, but that was after an elimination diet followed by re-introduction of each protein on its own). So now she eats hypollaergic lamb and brown rice food with some pureed pumpkin on top (for fiber). Sheesh! I hope Howie’s problem clears up fast (and if it lingers, absurdly expensive dog food could be in your future, too :)

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