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ThinkingbloggerSo Jade Park has given me a Thinking Blogger Award. Thanks Jade! I’m a little slow on the uptake — I didn’t even realize it until today (must be all the thinking!) and now I’m the one sitting around in my pajamas while getting awards. Anyway, thank you.

And now, apparently, I must offer up five other blogs of a thinking sort, and they must do the same. It’s like tag, you’re it, only nicer, and without all the running around and huffing and puffing.

And so, blogs/bloggers that make me think:

Distraction No. 99: Nova is a thinker. A ponderer! Her thoughts about writing always get me thinking and, more importantly, inspired. I wish that I thought about my own writing as much as she does about hers.

Nonfiction Readers Anonymous: It’s pretty simple, really. She reads nonfiction, then writes about it. The writing is thoughtful, honest and to the point. Ok, sometimes it’s snarky, but in a good way. I love book reviews like this — they make me think, but I don’t have to unravel convoluted sentences and guess what the reviewer thought. At NonAnon, I always know.

Finding the Words: A writer who thinks hard about where to take her writing next. Sometimes her thoughts so mirror my own — and help me unravel my own — it kind of stuns me.

A Chronic Dose: The writing on this blog (“A twenty-something writer’s take on life with multiple chronic illnesses–the good, the bad, and the real”) by a former classmate of mine is so thoughtful and lovely. Laurie always makes me think about possibilities and pushing limits.

I’m a lover of all things visual: art, photos, design…um, bright shiny things. And so while it might seem surprising that I would select a visual blog as a thinking blog….Well, I am. It’s Japan Window. Andy Gray posts a different, fabulous photo of life in Japan every day. The photos manage to capture, I think, the spirit of Japan, the Japanese people and their culture with subtlety and … thought. This is a guy, I suspect, who mulls over Japan a lot. And has the power to make me think about Japan and all of my experiences there with just one image.

There are so many wonderful thinking blogs out there, it’s hard to pick just five!


4 thoughts on “thinking blogger awards

  1. No, thank you both for writing posts that give me so much to think about! And Nova, thinking about your writing means you’re focused on it, and it seems to me that being so determined can only lead to success.

  2. Wow, I’d just like to echo the “thank you” sentiment. And congratulations on your Thinking Blogger Award!
    It may be cheating a bit, but if it’s okay with you I’ll probably list five of my favorite thinking blogs here: (The Brothers Green make me think and laugh!)
    The After-Dinner Payback
    Overheard in the Office
    And, of course, I get quite a lot of thinking out of your blog too! Thanks again for the shout-out, and rest assured I’m working on a better page of links at my site where I’ll be listing you!

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