Sunday bits

It’s Sunday, and hopefully all of you out there (hello!) are kicking back in your bathrobes with enormous cups of coffee and wasting hours reading the newspaper, surfing blogs, and just generally lazing away a lovely weekend morning. I will admit to being jealous of your lazy morning for I am off to the vet, yet again. Our dog is due for a skin check up and a vaccination. (Who schedules a vet appointment at 9am on a Sunday, anyway? Oh wait. That was me.)

In any case, in the spirit of Sunday slowness, I offer you a few publishing and book-related tidbits to help you on your path of dallying:

• I’ve read an excerpt but haven’t had a chance to pick up the freshly-released final product: Without A Map, a memoir by Meredith Hall comes highly recommended to me by my friend who worked on it at Beacon Press. She’s been raving about it from day one. I’m putting it on my reading list, as should you.

Winterton Blue sounds like a real downer. But in a good way.

Documentaries are hot! Whew, no kidding. My Netflix queue has been hijacked by truth.

• Speaking of hot, Harlequin Romance has decided it wants to put “real men” on its book covers. Apparently the current cover models are just that — models, of the young and lythe variety. And the women who read Harlequin novels want the real thing: men who are bigger, older, and more like guys they would actually encounter in real life. So…many… snarky… comments.

• Um, it’s hard to follow that last one, but: I’m enamored of Greywolf Press and have delusions of grandeur regarding winning their annual nonfiction prize. Alas, you gotta play to win… Anyhow, this year’s winner is Terese Svoboda, for a book with a charming title: Black Glasses Like Clark Kent, which will be published by Greywolf in 2008.


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