back in the saddle

It’s been two months since I sent out any of my work despite, um, being mostly unemployed and therefore having a little extra — ahem — time on my hands.

The thing is, a spate of rejections I got in February (and earlier) put me in a low mood. I know, I know, I should have a thicker skin than that. I have to to have a thicker skin than that, in order to be a writer! Didn’t I gain a tough hide being in workshops for two years? No. No I did not. I never had the brutal workshop leader who cut my writing (and ego) down to the appropriate size. I can be thankful for that, I suppose. (I knew someone who had a poetry prof who, in response to her poem, said: “This is shit! Come back when you have something worth reading.”)

Anyway, I got off my lazy, thin-skinned butt and put together some submissions this week. I’m thinking that sending a couple of submissions out a week would be a smarter plan than ignoring the process for a few months, spending hours researching dozens of publications in one day, hurriedly trying to revise several pieces at once, and then sending out ten-plus things at a time. Doing all that would put anyone off submitting on a regular basis. And so, I’m implementing the Send Out Three Envelopes A Week Plan.

I’m not very good at keeping to schedules or resolutions, which is why I don’t usually make them. But submitting regularly a) forces you to keep revising regularly b) forces you to keep tabs on lit mags you might like to submit to c) increases your odds, theoretically, of getting published.

If anyone wants to join me in this endeavor, I’d be psyched for the co-conspirators, support, motivation and competition.

And now, I’m off to the post office.


One thought on “back in the saddle

  1. Wow, an inspiring goal. I’m not ready to do this yet (I don’t really have enough stuff to submit) but it certainly gives me an aim to work up to.

    Good luck!

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