Life is pretty good.

this might be why people like California by you.

I don’t know what’s happening.

I sold an essay to a web site recently, and now I’ve gotten a very nice rejection. Seriously, this is the nicest, most encouraging rejection letter I’ve ever received…so much so that I almost feel that the piece I submitted was accepted. What is going on? Is it a full moon? I seem to have entered some alternate reality, one in which rejections make me feel like submitting again.

The letter is addressed to me. Using my actual name! No “Dear Contributor” — this letter actually says, “Dear Elizabeth.” The piece I submitted was a chapter from my book, which makes this letter all the sweeter, as I have had a lot of loud, resounding NOs on sections of my book that I’ve sent out. This rejection-that-feels-like-an-acceptance says that my chapter made it into a final round of deliberations, and that the magazine regrets not being able to publish my “very good work.” Anyone who is on the receiving end of the usual “thanks, but no thanks” letters will understand my excitement about these differences in wording. But they weren’t all that had me excited: A handwritten note says I should send more work to the magazine, which is an unprecedented response for me to receive.

The universe may be out of whack or something for me to win these little victories, but I will take them.

Goodbye melancholy, goodbye cloudy day: Today is pretty good.


2 thoughts on “Life is pretty good.

  1. Yes: That’s totally victory. Real-live rejection letters are good things.

    Are these responses you’re mentioning from the submissions you just did a couple weeks ago, or from stuff submitted a long time ago?

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