i feel old, sort of.

I awoke this morning with a painful knot in my lower back that has me walking and sitting very carefully so as not to strain anything or make it worse. And the muscles in the back of my right leg and shoulders are sore, I guess from whatever I did at the gym yesterday. And, as is usual these days, my knees are stiff and creaky. These things make me feel prematurely old.

In weird contrast to this, I have a persistent bout of acne on my forehead (see also: late 1980s, teen years, high school).

Good times.


2 thoughts on “i feel old, sort of.

  1. Don’t feel old. Personally, whenever I get hurt exercising, I catastrophize (is that a word?) it and start wondering if this is IT, i.e., the “career ending injury” I’ve been dreading. It never is. My sixty year old friend who plays competitive basketball has the same phobia, but there he is, sixty, and still playing. Four years back I pinched a nerve in my neck (the Kaiser doctor shook her head when she saw my film and wondered what the hell I’d been doing) and my left arm went numb and hurt weirdly at the same time. But here I am, OK today. You will be, too. The best thing I’ve found is exercise in moderation — different types of exercise that don’t crush the same joints on the same day, etc.

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