warning: events in my brain may not be related to actual events

Things I did this weekend:

-researched/read about our upcoming trip to Crete and Berlin, Germany
-spent far too long in a line at Home Depot in order to buy some sod, sand, and plants for a backyard project
-bought some new socks (it doesn’t get any better than this on a Saturday afternoon, folks!)
-spent a lot of time in the car, in the suburbs
– dug out an empty bed in our yard, filled it with new dirt, and planted flowers and sod (The backyard project. We’re quite proud of ourselves.)
-made a big bowl of Korean ramen and veggie gyoza to eat on a damp, foggy night
-took a long walk along the San Francisco Bay with our dog, who took his first swim (sort of surprised himself by plunging in after a bird and finding himself in over his head)
-took a lot of pictures on both Saturday and Sunday, for no particular reason
-ate lunch out with my husband, during which we gorged ourselves on some excellent carnitas tacos
-enjoyed a summer-like day by having ice cream outside

Things I did this weekend, in my head:

-wrote three blog posts…all of which seem to have vanished from my brain
-wrote a beginning to my short story, which currently starts in the middle (since I’ve been writing it backwards)
-considered a plot and characters for a novel that I might (or might not) ever write
-did something artistic, like painting
-wrote in my journal


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