8 things about me.

The fine folks over at red Ravine have tagged me to reveal eight random things about myself. I think I have revealed more than eight here, but whatever.

1) I have lived in five states (Maryland, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts and California) and three countries (U.S., Japan and South Korea). Between ages 18 and 30, I had 14 different mailing addresses encompassing all of the above locations, except Massachusetts.

2) I have worked:

-as a florist’s assistant

-as a barn hand (feeding, grooming and cleaning up after horses)

-in a drycleaner

-in a bookstore

-as a babysitter

-at two different coffee shops

-tutoring Japanese speakers in English

-tutoring English speakers in English

-tutoring English speakers in Japanese

-as an assistant to a Naval Academy French professor

-as a prep cook in a Greek vegetarian restaurant in Annapolis, MD

-as a prep cook in two touristy seafood restaurants on the Maine coast

-as an office assistant in a title company

-as a temp

-as an intern in a Japanese ad agency

-answering phones in a housing office at a university

-as a secretary to a director of international programs in a university

-as an adviser/counselor to foreign students at two different universities

-as a counselor of American university students trying to study abroad

-as a program coordinator responsible for a group of Burmese refugees

-as a teacher of English as a second language

-as a newswire editor

-as a dot-com …. I don’t know what, exactly. It involved a lot of cutting and pasting and the Internet.

-as a researcher at a newspaper

-in various editor positions a newspaper

-as an intern at a literary agency

-as an editorial assistant at a literary magazine

-as a reporter at a newspaper

3) I have traveled through 58 different airports worldwide since 1990. For some reason, I like to keep track of this….I keep a list of all the airports I have been through, and their three-letter codes.

4) I collect postcards and, less actively, stamps. In both cases, I’m partial to those from countries other than my own. I have postcards sent to me from about 35 countries and 22 states and stamps from 136 countries or former countries/colonies.

Many, many of the stamps I inherited from my grandfather, who inherited some from his father, so I can’t take credit for very much of that.

5) I dislike snakes, and that noise made when two pieces of Styrofoam are rubbed together. Also, I’m not that great with heights. Or speed. I hate roller coasters.

6) My best subjects in high school were French and history; my worst subjects were chemistry and trig. My best subject in college was Japanese; my worst was freshman geology.

Weirdly, after not doing well in geology 101, I took two more geology courses and did well in them. I even thought about becoming a geology minor, until I learned that to do that, you had to take chemistry. See also, worst high school subjects.

7) I cannot play any musical instruments, and me singing is a painful, painful experience for everyone involved. Karaoke is a nightmare that I try to avoid at all costs.

8) I’m particular about breakfast. I have to have cinnamon raisin bagels and cream cheese and coffee and half-and-half on hand in my kitchen at all times. I rarely deviate from that, when it comes to breakfast, and I can get cranky if one of the above is not available … particularly if that one thing is either coffee or half and half. There’s no point in having coffee if there’s no cream, and no point in having cream if there’s no coffee. As for the bagels, I’ll eat just about any other flavor, but cinnamon raisin are my favorites. I’ll also eat bagels with butter and honey instead of cream cheese, or peanut butter instead of cream cheese, but it’s not the same. I’m pretty much unable to function without breakfast, and even more so without coffee.

Apparently, I’m supposed to tag eight other people with this … So if you’re a) reading this, b) have a blog, c) have not already done this…. consider yourself tagged. As in: You’re It.


3 thoughts on “8 things about me.

  1. elizabeth, thanks for the list of 8. I’m with you on the coffee and cream. Can’t do one without the other. What’s the point?

    I have a writer friend who began a practice of sending postcards last year. I love it when I get one from her. I bet you are thrilled when someone sends you a new one.

    Lastly, I just have to say, I never pictured you as a barn hand. But it sure sounds grounding.

  2. Weird, I cannot not picture me as a barn person… I rode horses from age 6-18 or so, and showed competitively for a while, so I guess I can’t separate myself from that.

  3. I’m intrigued by all the travel, both as a youngster and more recently. The living in different states, the airports and their codes, and even the postcards and their stamps. It seems to be a passion (and now I’m thinking about the pieces you’ve done about traveling – getting off the bus but leaving your husband behind, for example). Hmmm, is there a collection of narrative pieces there waiting to be told??

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