some good news about an old thing

I found out today that an essay of mine will be published. In an actual literary magazine.


This is obviously very good news, and I was so excited after I found out that I had a lot of trouble getting anything done all afternoon at work.

It’s strange…the essay is an old piece, written pre-MFA program. I think I wrote the first version in 2000, or 2001. I can’t even remember, it was so long ago. I re-vamped it a couple of times in the years that followed. I actually used it to apply to MFA programs four years ago. But for some reason I never considered sending it out until a few months ago.

Because I am a spastic over-analyzer of everything, having an essay published that I wrote before getting an MFA when I can’t for the life of me get something I wrote during my MFA program published has not gone unnoticed by me. But I am trying not to think about that, and what it might mean.

What is important to point out, however, is that it doesn’t hurt to send out old stuff. Even if it seems …well, old. Or tired, because you’ve read it so many times, or it’s just different from how you write now.


8 thoughts on “some good news about an old thing

  1. Wow, good news! Congratulations, rockstar. Regarding the MFA ‘curse’, you’re over-analyzing. This is obviously a piece you’ve had affinity for, as you’ve kept it around for a few years, and as a woman of unimpeachable tastes, I’m sure that was for solid reasons.

  2. Huge congratulations–you better tell me which litmag, so I can pick up a copy! I don’t think it matters when you wrote the piece–if it took an MFA program for you to submit it, then so be it. :)

  3. Congrats on the publishing! And thanks for the inspiration. I have a few older pieces that I sometimes wonder if I should send out. I think I will.

    It’s a strange thing about degrees. They provide so much structure and knowledge. But in the end, it’s the writing that counts. I find that refreshing.

  4. I guess it is kind of refreshing that it’s the writing, not the degree, that matters.

    Thanks for all the support everyone. It doesn’t come out for quite a while, but I will keep you posted.

  5. I read about this while I was traveling and have been meaning to post a note of Congratulations since. (I posted on two other posts before getting to this one!)

    Congratulations! This is such great news. I can’t wait to read the piece. I kind of feel like I have an inside with the author on account of this blog, if you know what I mean. You’ll be so much more real to me when I read the piece than if you didn’t have your blog.

    Also, a good friend of mine got an essay accepted by Creative Nonfiction, but that’s been two years ago and still it hasn’t been published. I hope that isn’t your experience with this literary publicaiton (but I wanted to throw it out there in case it is). Keep us posted.

  6. Thanks ybonesy.

    In fact, I have never had anything accepted by Creative Nonfiction, but some years ago I sent them something and I got a letter a few months later saying that one of their interns had taken some manuscripts and could I resend. I think that was the first thing I ever sent out, and I was VERY put off from submitting for some time after that. I have read a number of wonderful essays in that journal but I suspect there’s some disorganization behind the scenes.

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