Take that, sinuses.

I got up at 5 am to finish some work. For work. I felt so good at 8:15, when I actually left for work, that I thought to myself, maybe I could get up at 5 am to write on a regular basis.

But by noon I was a disaster. Sleepy, still sick, maybe more so. My sinuses pressing against my face, dulling my thoughts.

I thought, maybe if I wasn’t sick, I could do it — get up that early to write.

Well, maybe.

In any case, I did not have to get up at 5 to write today, because somehow, despite the fogginess of a cold and my lack of sleep, I managed to write. My story, the one I can’t let go of, keeps getting longer. It’s the longest thing I have written in months, maybe since I finished my thesis in December. It’s 10 pages and growing. I feel good about that, despite the sinuses and everything else. I am obsessing over sentences and plot, things I haven’t done much of in a long time. I am forcing myself through those blank spots that usually make me want to stop.

This is good.


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