walking out to the lighthouse

I’ve been making some changes. I’ve been trying to simplify everything in my life — maybe it was my technology overload, or the fact that I’ve been sideswiped by the 9 to 5. I find myself wanting to bring everything down to bare bones. What do I really need? Why am I doing this, or that?

I’ve been in a sort of freefall since I started my full-time job, and I’m ready for that to stop. I’ve been eating poorly, reading less, writing less, going to the gym less, being in a good mood less, sleeping less, drinking more coffee… And I’ve been feeling awful as a result of all of those things.

It’s time for some change, because I hate living like this. And I know I can live better and more simply. And I believe that being a productive writer involves more than just producing words. In fact, the first thing on the agenda is not writing, actually, it’s my diet. I’ve been eating unhealthily, living on processed foods, junk foods, frozen foods. Ick. It’s so easy to say, “I’m tired and hungry, and it’s late,” I’ll just heat up this pizza (or whatever). But there are so many
reasons for us not to eat this way, in addition to the fact that better food just makes you feel better. More processed food = more trash, more trash = bad for the environment. Yesterday I got myself a nice, healthy salad for lunch. It came in a cardboard container, because SF recently outlawed styrofoam in restaurants, and I’m using my own silverware at the office, no plastics for me.

I feel better already.

I’m considering a new plan for writing… I’ll start small and build on it. A few hours a week, then, when that becomes a success on a weekly basis, more.

I’m looking for simplicity in everything, reducing my world down to its bare essentials.


6 thoughts on “simplifying

  1. Hurrah! I am always glad to hear when friends decide to take better care of themselves.

    Incidentally, my hubby and I decided to stop eating out so often and start eating in, eating homecooked meals on a regular basis. We feel better already, too.

    And for inspiration–I love reading about Junot Diaz, one of my favorite writers ever. His book is coming out this Fall, and it took over a decade to write! He just kept at it–and now he has a wonderful book, one that is getting lots of buzz.

    So…one word at a time. :)

  2. I totally hear you…I’ve had to become a thoughtful, deliberate eater ever since I found out I have celiac disease, but in many ways, I wouldn’t change it. Eating whole, fresh foods and cooking more is a lifestyle at this point, more than a diet, and I do think that attitude transfers into so many other aspects of living beyond just food.

    I really like the streamlined look of the blog, too! :)

  3. Thanks for the comment on my post. I definitely understand the whole freefall experience; I’m freefalling too and it is difficult to eat right, be in a good mood, etc. Reading has been the only way for me to stay relatively grounded. But, kudos on your attempt to regroup. Keep up and keep going.

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