random bits of July-free Internet excellence

The month of July…I’m so glad it’s over. It was a dark month, I felt down and, just…well, off.

I’m hoping August will be better. So I suppose it’s appropriate to go for a new look again. Or maybe straying from my old blog set-up was a bad omen. Or something.

Anyway, for the past month I’ve wished I could crawl into this site and curl up and read. Alone. It’s a relaxing place to go, and I’ve gotten all sorts of book recommendations from it. I recommend a visit.

I’ve also been spending some time here, though I wish I had time to really dive in and spend more. The amount of information on agents and publishing that’s available here is overwhelming. But extremely useful. I originally saw a link to that site on Practicing Writing, which in itself is packed full of helpful information.

Oh, and I’ve been excited about this, which has reconnected me, in a bookish, virtual sort of way, with my friends from grad school. We have similar tastes in books, and now we can see what we’re all reading. Join us! You can find me here.


One thought on “random bits of July-free Internet excellence

  1. Lots of great stuff, Elizabeth. And I just wanted to say I got a big smile on my face when I saw you were back to your old fuzzy mascot and former look and feel. Why mess with a good thing?

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