Zipper goodness

Several people have asked me how the beloved boots are, now that they’ve been um, repaired.

If you judge boots on, say, whether you can get them on and off, which I have now learned is the only real metric that should be used for judging boots, my boots are now in the top tier of, you know, bootness. The new zippers, which delightfully release my feet at the end of a long day without the assistance of Billy, spoons, corn starch, shoe horns, Black and Decker workmates, banisters, dogs, foot powder or good old-fashioned physical struggle, have been masterfully stitched into the inside walls of the boots and work smoothly.

I am, however, still dealing with corn starch and foot powder residue. As in, every time I slide my feet into the boots, little clouds of white puff out. Kind of like boot special effects.

Or maybe airborne awesomeness.


9 thoughts on “Zipper goodness

  1. I’m glad your boots are actually working like boots now, albeit ones with special effects. (Your entry about them being stuck on your feet made me laugh hysterically and wince in sympathy at the same time – quite a feat).

  2. Special effects, eh? Like a landing spaceship from the hot boots homeworld?

    I’m going to zappos right now to pick up a pair of Laserium PF Flyers. (The “PF” is for Pink Floyd)

  3. Cee: Hello! And thanks for stopping by.

    Mitch: As I’m sure you’ve been made aware on a near-daily basis, the boots are, in fact, stellar. Also, wearing them induces visions of, like, marching hammers and stuff.

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