books, daily.

Wired magazine had a blurb on Daily Lit, which will send you books by installments in your email or by RSS. The books seem to be mostly classics ā€” stuff that’s in the public domain.* Still, if you’ve always wanted to read, say, War and Peace, now you can work your way through it on a daily basis … for two years. It comes in 675 electronic installments.

* As a random side note, I must say I am amused by J.M. Barrie’s My Lady Nicotine, which I discovered while browsing the Daily Lit library. Check out the first line:

The circumstances in which I gave up smoking were these: I was a mere bachelor, drifting toward what I now see to be a tragic middle age.

J.M. Barrie of course being the Scottish creator of Peter Pan and the subject of the (excellent) film, Finding Neverland. The writer of a popular children’s tale, also a writer of a book about smoking. Who knew?


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