Well, hello there.

lily by you.

I’m sipping my coffee next to a vase full of sweet-smelling lilies. You know the ones that everyone warns about when they see them?

Person A: Oh, what beautiful lilies!
Person B: I got them for my birthday.
Person A: Oh, and they smell so nice, too.
Person B: Don’t they?
Person A: But watch out… that brown pollen…if you get it on your clothes it will NEVER come out.

Um, thanks? Anyway, as it happens, I have had a birthday in the past week. As it happens, I received a vase (from Sweden!) and some flowers (probably from California). I am a thinly veiled Person B. I was warned about the brown stuff a couple of times. And yet: I got it on my coat while trying to carry them home a nasty rainstorm, while sick. I have decided to ignore the brown stuff on my coat for the time being, because I don’t want to know that all of the flower naysayers are right, and it will NEVER come out. They are pretty lilies, after all, and I don’t want to have ill will toward them.

I’m not sure what the point of that story is, except that I’m working my way up to a blog post. It’s been a while, as you (reader?) have probably noticed. I lost momentum with the blogging. What can I say about that? Not much that will interest you, probably. Excuses are never interesting and neither are bad moods, which is the most likely culprit for the lack of blogging.

So what has been happening here? As I mentioned, I had a birthday, which in itself was just fine. There were lilies, after all, and a nice dinner, and some great gifts. What’s not fine is the number — the age I now apparently am. I say apparently because I am not entirely on board with it — the number, the age — and can’t quite see how it’s possible that I got there. I’m now in another marketing demographic, as iTunes reminded me recently. As in, goodbye sweet 18-34, hello, 35-44. Also, I’m reminded of certain things I wanted to do by/around said age, and how I am not doing them. For example, I want to go to China. For example, I want to go on a safari. For example, I want to publish a book.

Aha! Now we’re at the heart of the blog post, it seems. I want to publish a book. To do that, I need to a)send out the (not so good) book I’ve already written; or b) write some essays to tie to those I have already written in order to create some kind of collection; or c) just write another book.

In fact, all of those are lovely options and, at some point in the not too distant future I hope to work on all of those things. But: Just to be difficult, I’ve also 99% decided to do NaNoWriMo this year.

What the heck? I’m one of those MFA students that did not finish my program having completed a novel, or for that matter, even started one. I have never written a novel. I don’t normally write fiction all that often. But what the heck? I figure I need a kick in the pants, as it were, with my (stalled) writing. And there’s nothing like having to write somewhere near 3,000 words a day to get you going. I guess.

I may start early, which means I am not exactly being official with the write-a-novel-in-a-month plan, but there are a few days in which I already know I won’t be able to write for various reasons, and such reasons threatened to derail my plan to do NaNoWriMo altogether, and that seemed dumb, seeing as how I’ve wanted to do this for five years or so, and there’s always something that stops me before I start, and also: I’m 35 and it’s time.


8 thoughts on “Well, hello there.

  1. Happy Birthday!!

    I’ve been itching to start working on a novel-drowning in too much nonfiction these days–and your post gave me the kick I needed. I just signed up, so you better, too! :)

  2. Happy Birthday!

    That brown lily dust is really annoying. Here’s my tip: I just cut them off with scissors right away. Then you have the beautiful flowers with their sweet smell, and no brown pollen dust!

  3. Don’t forget what they said in “Art and Fear.” Just keep making art — good, bad, mediocre — and good stuff, great stuff will come out of your efforts. Write a crappy novel and throw it away. Write some so-so short stories and shove ’em in a box and forget them. Just don’t stop writing, writing, writing. You have many experiences worth writing about. Remember that pottery class, which the teacher divided in two. One half was told they’d be graded on quality, the other half on quantity. So the first half freaked out, trying to make “great” art, and made little or nothing. The quantity class made tons and tons of crap, and also some beautiful stuff, because they weren’t hung up about it. I know you can do it.

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