karmic retribution

It’s because I chuckled at the image of NaNoWriMo-ans with icepacks on their wrists while reading No Plot? No Problem!

Yes, I am a believer in such karmic retribution. My wrist hurts. It feels like the tendinitis I had a while back in Boston has flared up again. (Also, um, why is there no “o” in tendinitis, but there’s an “o” in tendon?) I’ve got my wrist brace out again, which is helping but not curing. The biggest help/cure would be not using the computer, but I unfortunately need to for most of every work day, and well, here I am doing a little bit of writing and so on outside of work.

This isn’t a good way to go into next month at all.


2 thoughts on “karmic retribution

  1. Karma is the Sanskrit word meaning “action.” Karma is what we do. From it comes niskamakarma, or action-without-desire (Kama being “desire,” as in the Kama Sutra), which is the goal that Krishna explained to Arjuna in his chariot on the Kurukshetra battlefield in the Bhagavad Gita. It encourages us to take action without being bound up in the results of our action, like writing without having expectations about what will happen to our writing (or to us) when we finish. I have heard people define a writer simply as someone who writes. None of this will make your wrist feel any better, of course. But I hope it does. Perhaps, to flourish another archaic word, you need an amanuensis.

  2. An amanuensis would be lovely, from a wrist perspective. From a writing perspective, maybe not so much. I once tried to “write” by speaking into a tape recorder while driving in a car, and while it yielded ideas I might have forgotten, the results could barely be considered raw material.
    Thanks for the language lesson and the well-wishes.

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