1,667 is a lot of words.

To get in the spirit of NaNoWriMo, I’m trying to blog on a regular basis. Meaning, um, like more than twice a month. And today, I tried writing 1,667 words of something, anything, just to see how I would feel about writing that much in a day. Every day. For a month.

I know I’ve written that much in a day before, but I don’t tend to push myself usually. Which is why I’m eager to try this experiment. Normally, I’ll write until I’m tired. Some days that’s a page, some days it’s two. Rarely, it’s three or five. Definitely, it’s not three or five day after day after day. At least not recently.

Anyway, I wrote for 40 minutes this morning before work. I felt very good about that. In fact, I wanted to keep writing, and I had to tear myself out of my chair to brush my teeth and get out of the house.

And I made myself write for an hour tonight.

I gotta say, I’m tired. And I ended up with 1,100 words. Not 1,600.

But! At least now I know what I’ll have to do to hit the daily novel-writing targets while I’m still in my job. Or at least how much catch-up writing I’ll have to do on weekends.


Only one day left before it begins.


3 thoughts on “1,667 is a lot of words.

  1. What’s shakin’? Err, uh, sorry, I can’t resist. I hope that you and Billy and Howie are all okay.

    Did you stop writing long enough to observe the quake?

    I experienced a direct hit of a 5.6 when I was in sixth grade. Our teacher literally peed in her pants. My first thought was that a truck hit the school building. I watched a crack appear in the classroom wall, right before my eyes, just like in the movies!

    Where’s Superman when we need him.

  2. Um, an earthquake in Cleveland?

    Actually, we barely felt the earthquake. We noticed…something, and maybe our house creaked. Billy was like, “Hmm. Earthquake?”
    I was pretty surprised to find out how big it was. Weird. I guess living on bedrock is a good thing.

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