End, Part I.

I’m 10,000 or so words behind on my novel … but still optimistic about hitting 50,000 by November 30. So my NaNoWriMo widget says my current ETA is Dec. 24, so what? Today’s progress brought that back from Jan. 1, which is what it said this morning.

My mom was visiting this week and I’ve been out and about, sightseeing, hiking and (ahem) eating a lot of tasty food, which is why I’m so behind on the writing. But I’m back to the novel today and have boosted my word count by a couple thousand so far, which is a good feeling.

I’ve come to the end of Part I of the novel. I know I said I was resisting labels like “Chapter 1” and so on, but there’s a clear division here, 50 pages into the story. It’s a division based on location: The main character has been in San Francisco so far, and in Part II, she’ll land in Thailand. I’m excited about getting her out of town, as now the story can really begin. So far, I feel as though I’ve just been setting up a scaffolding to hold up the rest of the building.

I can’t guarantee that the 50 pages I’ve written so far are any good; probably they are not my best work.  But that’s OK. It’s nice to just write and ignore the voice in my brain that tells me to go back and re-read and re-write. And it’s more satisfying to go forward, to add words.


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