How do you define manly, anyway?

Some Thursday things:

-The best novel ever for a man. (on the Guardian‘s books blog). Must be some man-holiday that I wasn’t aware of, because I also ran across the Top 10 Most Manly Writers Ever, defined, apparently, this way: “in their fiction, the liquor is always strong, the women willing, and wildlife had best take cover”(enotes book blog, via Bookfox).*

-It’s the old what-should-we call-it? discussion of (creative) nonfiction. I’m not ready to lump myself in as a Realtor just yet.   And also, didn’t anyone tell Barbara Tuchman that there are trademark issues involved there? The proofreader/copyeditor in me wonders if the Chronicle of Higher Ed was wise to leave that label lower-cased. (via Practicing Writing)

-Who knows if there are any left, but Moleskine notebooks are currently on sale for $1.99 here. It’s a $20 value! Not available in stores!
Ahem. Clearly, I’ve been watching too much TV too close to the holidays. (via Moleskinerie)

-This video is a nice tie-in to my recent post on writers on the big screen.  (ReadingWritingLiving)

-And now, for silliness. This cracks me up.

*Seriously, have you ever seen a list like this for women? The Most Womanly Writers Ever? Or, the Best Novel Ever for a Woman?

There’s a reason you’ve never seen it, believe me.


2 thoughts on “How do you define manly, anyway?

  1. Oh, I just hate the label “creative nonfiction.” I hate “narrative” nonfiction too. I frankly don’t see what the problem is with good old “nonfiction,” and discussing its subgenres as necessary. Tuchman is not a Realtor (thank god, there’s enough realtors in the world), she writes History. Augusten Burroughs writes “memoirs,” and “essays.” William Langewiesche writes “beautiful, beautiful nonfiction.”

    Okay, that last one might be a TAD subjective. But you get my point. It may be creative, it may be narrative, but let’s stop mucking about worrying about the terms and just keep reading and writing nonfiction. Period.

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