the digital age woke me up

I keep reading articles that use the mysterious phrase “the digital age,” as in, “we live in the digital age.”

As in, for example today’s NY Times magazine, in an article about the growing popularity of buying handmade items and crafting:
–“‘Buying handmade helps us reconnect.’ The idea is a digital-age version of artisanal culture — that the future of shopping is all about the past.”
— “… (crafting) provides relief from the digital world and, yes, is a form of “political statement” against the dehumanizing global supply chain.”

As in today’s Los Angeles Times, in an opinion piece about the 60-year anniversary of the invention of the transistor:
— “Along with its descendant, the semiconductor chip, it ushered in the Digital Age.”

I don’t know who or what ushered the digital age into my house this morning, but I sort of wish we’d had a bouncer around. This morning, at 5:30 a.m., a high-pitched electronic alarm beep-beep-beep’ed into the quiet of our upstairs, waking everyone, including the dog.

I have absolutely no idea what the heck that alarm belonged to. An iPod? A phone? A camera? It stopped beeping before we could locate the source of the sound. It’s kind of absurd, if you think about it, that our lives are so full of electronics we wouldn’t know which of said items woke us up. Everything has a beep or a ring or some sound. Batteries run out, and our “smart” appliances remind us it’s time to recharge. Except that we’re not smart enough to know what was talking to us or why.

Maybe crafting would help, who knows?


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