How it’s going (See also, gloppy mudfest).

People keep asking me how my freelance life is going and frankly, I don’t know what to say.

It’s not, exactly. Going. It’s not that there’s not work to be had, or possibilities, or freedoms. It’s just that, well, it’s a couple of things. It’s my arm, which tolerates only brief computer sessions and requires exercises, ice, frequent breaks, etc., (but is, I think, improving). But more so: My days are, of late, filled with mini-crises and other administrative things that must be taken care of and the writing, when there is any (paying or otherwise), comes in little bits of time that I manage to squeeze between all of the other things (which sounds a lot like my non-freelance life, now that I think of it). Today for example, I spent going to physical therapy for my arm*, researching door and floor contractors**, going to a last-minute appointment at the dentist’s***, walking the dog****, buying food***** and, when time allowed, attempting to research a story I am supposed to be writing.

So, alas, there was no actual writing, which is what I feel my freelance life should consist of. Yesterday was much the same. I had hoped to write — anything, something, just a little — and instead I ended up in Redwood City, some 30 minutes from my house, looking at office chairs and laptop stands, because the keyboard tray I ordered for purely ergonomic reasons on orders from the aforementioned physical therapist didn’t fit my desk and, well … it’s not important. The point is, for the past couple of days, that is what my freelance life has been like.

So that’s how it’s going.

*During which, today, I had the following conversation:
Physical therapy intern (doing ultrasound on my arm): So, are you from around here?
Me: No, I’m originally from Maryland.
Physical therapy intern: Isn’t that where K (my actual physical therapist) is from?
Me: No, she’s from Virginia. Not so far from where I grew up.
Physical therapy intern: Oh, are those different? Is Maryland a state?
Me (putting hand on hip to show that I was offended, though good-naturedly so): Yes Maryland is a state!
Physical therapy intern: Oh, I thought it was, like, a city or something.

**It turns out the water that the storm blew under our ill-fitting door didn’t just go under the door, it went under the floor. The nice, historic, lovely, hardwood floor. Yeah, that one. The one that’s now buckled in our front hallway.

***Trying to determine if the toothache I’ve had for four days is something serious. Probably not: it’s an old, cracked, silver filling that’s getting fixed tomorrow. Still, the dentist-who-was-not-my-usual-dentist declared that I must be clenching my teeth in my sleep (thereby pressing on the bum filling) and that “when we sleep the power we can exert through our jaws is greater than we can ever replicate when we are awake.”
I said, “Dude, that is so deep.”
Ok, I didn’t. But I wanted to.
He was very nice, really.
And then he suggested that I get a mouthguard, to protect myself. From myself.

****Three times. Each followed by some degree of dog-washing, since our park has turned into a gloppy mudfest. Did I mention the dog is white and he likes to wrestle?

***** Seriously, we were dangerously close to scurvy in our house, so few fruits and vegetables have we had here in the past week.


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