jumpstarted arm

I’m still having a lot of problems with tendinitis in my arm. I was a lot better, but over the past couple of days it got worse again, for a variety of reasons.

My physical therapist showed me a picture from an anatomy textbook today, and basically all of the tendons in my forearm are inflamed, especially just below my elbow. There’s even some inflammation around the nerve there. Today she tried something new: a dose of an anti-inflammatory drug that’s topical. To make sure it gets into the affected area as fast as possible, she used electric current to conduct the drug into my muscles. I had to be grounded (!) and then she attached cables to pads on my arm. The whole set-up looked a lot like what you might use to jumpstart your car, only miniaturized.

I have no idea whether the drug worked, as my arm feels the same, but it was kind of neat. It felt prickly. In any case, I’m taking another computer break, hopefully just for the next couple of days, but possibly into next week.

The rain has finally stopped here, and the sun is out. It’s a good time to get outside.
Have a great weekend!


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