planes, trains and automobiles

2290020978_149b925946.jpgWell, hello.

I’m just back from a trip to the East Coast, during which I managed to travel through four states and the District of Columbia in eight days. I also managed to take advantage of as many modes of transportation as possible: planes, trains, buses, cars, Metro. It was kind of like going to Europe, minus the Europe part and the bad exchange rate.

While gallivanting around the mid-Atlantic states: I attended a wedding in Philadelphia, met up with college friends in Baltimore, saw a high school friend in Annapolis, visited my parents and more. It was a full trip. My mom cooked a ham.* I went antiquing in Ellicott City. I saw quite a few art exhibits in Washington DC, including this Rauschenberg show and this take 2290020582_7c26bcc7de_m.jpgon Yosemite, which were the two I enjoyed the most. I saw a lovely and winter-counteracting exhibit of orchids at the National Botanical Garden. I saw three films: “Gone with the Wind” (I’d never seen it, and found it longer and darker than expected), “Persepolis” (based on the popular graphic memoir and animated in the same endearing black and white style) and “Once.” What a sweet little movie! I promptly downloaded the soundtrack when I arrived home and have been listening to just about constantly since.**philly

During my 8 days back east I encountered sun, snow, rain and sleet, which seems to go along with my many modes of transport, somehow. I flew home to a Pacific storm with gusts, our pilot said, of 30-40 mph. We had to prepare for landing an hour early, so the flight attendants didn’t have to be up in such turbulence. As you might imagine, it was a bumpy landing. Billy picked me up from the airport though, and in the car the dog couldn’t stop licking my face.

*It should be noted that I love ham and I ate heaps of it. Sorry, vegetarians. As a peace offering, I will point out that I don’t eat lamb. Or deer. Or rabbit. Or, er, squirrel.

**Coincidentally, if you watched the Oscars, you’d know that a tune from “Once” won best original song last night. (It’s the song from this scene.) I knew the movie was low budget, but I didn’t know how low, until Glen Hansard gave his acceptance speech and said the film was done with $100,000 and two “handy-cams.” I like when underdogs win.


2 thoughts on “planes, trains and automobiles

  1. Dear Elizabeth,

    Two comments. One, it is nice to see a picture of the city hall in Phila., Pa., which I used to walk through on my way to and from judo practice there at the YMCA.

    Two, your note about the dog greeting you in the car reminded me of my neighbor’s welcome mat, which warns, “Beware! Dog can’t hold his licker.”

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