Time is a tough boss.

see-through tourists Today is a leap day.

I’m always surprised by leap years; during the four years that go by between them I forget they exist.

It seems strange that there’s a day that only comes about once every four years, as if the day itself is some kind of mirage.

Others are wrestling with how to handle a leap day too:  This article looks at who “owns” today. … If we’ve been given a “gift” of a day’s worth of extra time, it asks, should anyone have to go to work today? It’s a bonus day! Plus, it points out, if you’re on an annual salary, you’re working one day without pay this year, an argument for a holiday if ever there was one.

You could argue that Feb. 29 is less a “gift” than a debt of time, and that today is the day we have to pay what we owe.

That BBC article also refers to a book whose premise is that the way we perceive time is “more real” than the way we measure it. Which might explain why February 29th feels so … unreal. In the end, it’s a day like any other, except that next year, it will, according to our calendars, disappear again.


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