Japantown stop

Peace Plaza pagodaYesterday after my acupuncture* appointment I couldn’t resist a stroll around Japantown.

It’s one of my favorite places to visit in San Francisco. It’s a small taste of Japan, but enough to fill me with nostalgia over the time I’ve spent there and the friends I have who live there.

It was a perfect spring day yesterday, warm and sunny. The cherry blossoms weren’t out in Japantown, though they are elsewhere in the city, and the plaza outside the collection of restaurants and stores that Japantown consists of still had a wintery feel despite the warmth.

I didn’t stay long, but I did peruse Kinokuniya Bookstore, which I love to do. The store has an impressive collection of books by Japanese, Chinese and Korean writers in English translation. Somehow, I managed not to buy anything.

Webster StreetBefore I headed home, I stopped to grab a quick snack at the Japanese grocery — a roll filled with sweet red bean paste. It was light and not-too-sweet, enough to sustain me on the bus ride home.

*In which, unlike last time, I did not get my ear squeezed. Instead: needles in my earlobe, shins, shoulder, arm, and hand.


One thought on “Japantown stop

  1. I think those blossoms elsewhere in the city are plum blossoms, not cherry blossoms. They are both pale pink and white and they bloom this time of year.

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