new starts

Recently I went back through all of my old blog posts and recategorized them. You might wonder, “Geez, what the heck did you do that for?” for which I do not blame you one bit. I wondered that myself over the week or so it took me to recategorize 470 posts. It was quite tedious, not to mention carpal tunnel inducing.

Recategorize is, in fact, the wrong word. At some point after I killed my poor blog off over a year ago, I decided (probably in a pregnancy hormone-addled state) to delete all of the categories from Fog City Writer. It was not long after I decided to kill off FCW. (Which, by the way, I blame on the aforementioned pregnancy hormones.) Neither of these moves were good decisions. I liked my blog, however off track it seemed to be going at the time, and I liked blogging. As for the categories, they could have been organized better, but they weren’t that important, really.

The point is, I made the decision to stop blogging. And then I missed blogging. But due to the aforementioned pregnancy and various related conditions I will not bore you with here, and due to the subsequent result of said pregnancy, i.e. a cute little baby boy, I didn’t quite get around to bringing FCW back from the dead.

I’m trying to now.

And so, you may have noticed (are you still there, readerly people?) I’ve recently redesigned the blog. And, though you may not care, I recategorized all the old posts. (In fact it was a good exercise, going through all the old posts and revisiting the past, despite the tedium and the carpal tunnel flare-ups.) And then I added author tags, just because…well, perhaps a trait of mine that could gently be described as “detail oriented” got the better of me.

And here we are. Or here I am, anyway. I’m stumbling a bit as I try to re-establish a writing routine, post-baby.* I could go on and on about that, but it’s less than interesting. The point is, I’m trying to get FCW up and running again. I want to post regularly. Things get in the way quite a bit. Time management skills have fallen by the wayside. (No one informed me that having a baby causes a loss of time management skills. Everyone said the opposite: that a baby makes you more efficient and better able to juggle. Perhaps this is true and I am just juggling more things? Perhaps it’s only my perception of my time management skills that’s off. Right. Perhaps that is the subject of another post that I will not write due to its less-than-interesting-ness.) I begin posts and then am unable to find the time to finish them until a month has passed. Sometimes I begin posts and then forget about them, only to discover them and finish them after a month (or more) has passed.

I am desperately trying not to dwell on these missteps. I’m trying to begin again.

*Hello, giant, enormous understatement.


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