11 days in.

Wow, so writing a novel in a month really gets in the way of … writing. On the blog, anyway. I would like to say I’m just motoring along with the novel and am right on track, but alas, I am not. I’m a good 4,000 words (5,000? I’ve lost track!) behind. I’m not really upset about that though. I’ve had a couple of good days, in which a lot of words were written.  Sunday, for example, I met up with my partner in crime for this exercise, and we each banged out a good 2,000 words in a couple of hours. And Monday, I wrote 2,500 words.

Yesterday, well, I was in full-time mom mode, and a certain little boy decided that napping was not necessary and so … no writing.

I’ve reached the point in the novel in which I’m starting to question the directions my characters have taken so far, and oh, do I want to go back and start rewriting and editing. I want to slack off and surf the web. And take a nap. But I can’t (no time!) and this is good. I mean, it’s good for now. If and when I decide that this novel is something to be salvaged, it will get rewritten. A lot. For now, I’m getting to know some characters and getting reacquainted with a time period — the novel is set in San Francisco, in the year 2000) and I’m enjoying that.



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