More than halfway there.

Except, um, I’m not.

Here’s the rundown:

Today’s date: November 18.

Number of words I am supposed to have as of today: 30,000.

Number of words I actually have: 20,783.

Number of days left in National Novel Writing Month: 12, including today.

Approximate number of words I need to write per day in order to hit 50K in the next 12 days: 2,434.

Average number of words I’ve been writing per day: About 1,100.*

Hmm. It is highly likely that I’m not going to make it. And yet. I’m extremely stubborn and would really like to cross NaNoWriMo off of my mental list of Things I’ve Thought Would Be Cool to Accomplish…because let me tell you, I don’t want to have to put myself through this a third time. So yes, I’m trying to hit 50,000 words by Nov. 30 despite my inability to hit daily wordcount goals. I’m also trying to do it without resorting to cheap, wordcount-boosting tricks.** In other words, I’m actually trying to write coherently and as well as can be expected under such hurried conditions.

My NaNo partner in crime and I have scheduled a day-long marathon on Nov. 30, though I guess it will be obvious whether we’re going to make it long before that.

No doubt you (readers?) are getting tired of my National Novel Writing Month status updates — apologies for that! — but alas, I have little else to regale you with at the moment.


*In reality, my writing schedule could more be described as “erratic” than “daily,” and tends to look like this, with the low-wordcount days being directly related to availability of childcare/exhaustion levels of writer/mom.

Monday: 2,200 words
Tuesday: 200 words
Wednesday: 1,800 words
Thursday: 300 words
Friday: 1,000 words
Saturday: 0 words
Sunday: 3,000 words

** I will admit to including a news article in my novel, written by one of my characters, but only as a way of revealing certain information to another character. It’s not to boost wordcount. Really.

OK, so I’ve also stopped hyphenating words. Big deal.


2 thoughts on “More than halfway there.

  1. It’s still possible! (I will fully admit I tried to do NaNoWriMo a few years ago and only got about 40K.) But seriously, 20,000 words is great headway on your novel, that’s A LOT of words!

    I’ll keep checking back… good luck!

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