November writing links

The turkey chicken* is gone, and as of today, so are the mashed potatoes and stuffing. November, you are so over. It’s time for this month’s writing links:

• Why Maud Newton writes about her life in novel form, not memoir.
• A look at Ben Yagoda’s Memoir: A History.
• In case you missed it, in November, Columm McCann won the National Book Award for fiction. T. J. Stiles won for nonfiction.
• I wish I had written this. It’s a tour de force. (And a topic I’ve been wanting to blog about for some time, in an equally snarky way.)
• The Book Seer.
• How to Write a Great Novel
. Writing processes of famous writers. Fascinating.
• Not a November link really, but it is from the fall. Of 1969. E.B. White is one of my favorite writers, so I couldn’t resist passing along this interview, from the Paris Review.
• On disappointment, and hope.
• Considering a low-residency MFA program? Read this.

*Yes, we had chicken, not turkey. Next year I’m angling for ham. I like to mix it up.


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