January writing links, the fiction edition

Writing a novel? Definitely check out Alexander Chee’s 100 Things About a Novel.

Finished your novel, but don’t know what comes next? Jade Park is revving up for revision and offers a sensible list of to-do when approaching a second draft.

Michael Ondaatje revises his novels some eight or nine times.

Perhaps you’re thinking about going to a writing conference or residency to work on your revisions? If so, read this guest post, by Christine Lee Zilka on Writerland.

The Rejectionist offers some Homework for White Folks writing characters of color.

Are you macro or micro when it comes to writing your novel? Some thoughts on the writing process from author Zadie Smith on the reflexivepractice blog.

Not sure if fiction is your genre? Maybe you’re more of a nonfiction or poetry writer? Brevity‘s blog offers this tongue-in-cheek quiz to help you figure things out.

If that weren’t enough, I’m planning another January links post before the end of the month . . .  Stay tuned!


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