Wednesday things

1. I noticed this morning that a story I’ve been working on lacks any sort of central conflict. Oops. So I’ve hit a dead end on that one, perhaps. Or maybe it just needs some time to marinate for a while. Sigh. Or maybe I just need to take a shower. I get a lot of good ideas in the shower, for reasons I cannot explain. (Random related question: Is there some kind of shower-friendly white board type of thing out there, for writing down the ideas that come while you’re washing your hair? If not, someone should invent that. Really.)

2. I spent much of yesterday morning working on a revision of the story that was workshopped at the writers’ conference, and I realized that finally, after years of struggle, I have an actual revision process. It’s not pretty, and I still detest revising, and I try to escape from my desk every five minutes or so while doing it, but the process/routine is there. I feel good about that. I now see why revision isn’t easily taught. Now that I think of it, probably this could be the subject of its own post. Hmm.

3. Ever send your work out to a lit mag, and a few months later think, “Oh yeah, hey, I wonder what the status of that is?” and then realize the magazine you submitted to ranks among the 25 Most Slothful, in terms of response times? Yeah, me too.

4. Finally, I saw this excellent bumper sticker yesterday:

Have a lovely Wednesday!


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