Fresh new Fog City Writer!

Fog City Writer has undergone a makeover! It was time for a change and some updates (not to mention some posts!) so, voila! A fresh design and updates to my bio and timeline. I’ve also done a little housekeeping on my blogroll, which was overdue to say the least. Let me know if you think I’m missing a link to your blog. New posts coming soon!


11 thoughts on “Fresh new Fog City Writer!

    • Thanks, me too! I tried about a bizillion other ones and there was always something that bugged me. I don’t understand CSS at all so I have to find themes that look nice but are also easy!

  1. I am always amazed by your timeline! You have been at this so long and have gone through so many phases. Now I am not going to disrespect your clean new look, but I admit I LOVED your old look and especially the banner.

    • Thanks Richard! I am not ditching the banner, actually. I have to adjust it for this blog, and my Photoshopping skills haven’t quite caught up to my intentions. It will be back eventually!

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