My essay, “Kibun” is out in the 2015 Fish Publishing Anthology!

SF ChinatownMy essay, “Kibun,” on navigating cultural misunderstandings in South Korea is now out in the 2015 Fish Publishing Anthology! It was selected as a runner-up in Fish Publishing’s annual short memoir contest by author-judge Carmen Bugan.

This essay began as a section of my graduate thesis, a memoir on living in South Korea in the 1990s. It morphed many times over and, seven-ish years later, it’s finally in print. Here’s the opening graph from “Kibun”:

When Chung kicks us out we think about returning to the U.S., but to leave now would feel like giving up. Late one evening he announces he’s getting married. “I’m sorry! You are living another home,” he says. English is not his strong point and Korean is not ours. We exist in this ambiguity of language; a riddle of verb tenses. We are living in the home of another; we will soon be living in another home. We are not at home; we will never be at home here. 

I’m thrilled to finally have this piece in print! It’s available in Kindle formats on Amazon here and is just $5, so pick up a copy and enjoy a fine collection of poetry, fiction and memoir from writers worldwide. You can see the table of contents, some notes from the judge, and excerpts from the winning pieces here.


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